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Eurobeat – June 2007

Book, Music & Lyrics by Craig Christie and Andrew Patterson

Directed by Kimberley Shaw

A glorious tribute(!) to the Eurovision Song Contest – an inspired parody.
Almost Eurovision. It’s a musical banquet. It’s a glamourfest. It’s a political minefield. Eurobeat – the Eurovision Musical is an original adaptation of the infamous Eurovision Song Contest. Set in Sarajevo and hosted by the glamorous Bronya and her cohost Sergei they present for the enjoyment of the audience 12 acts representing an eclectic mix of countries.

Whether it be the Swedish pop stylings of Avla, the Russian boy band KGBoiz, from the Hungarian triplets the Molnar Sisters with their powerful folk music (sung in Hungarian of course) to the heartfelt longing of the song for Ireland presented by Ronan Corr, audiences are treated to a smorgasbord of entertainment presented by a cast of 30 performers who sing, dance and whip audiences up into a frenzied state.
In true Eurovision style at the end of the performances the audiences have the opportunity to vote (having been endowed with a nationality on the night and handed a voting form upon entry). The audiences votes are tabulated and then counted down as each country’s votes are given out ‘live via satellite’. The event is reinvented every night as the audience dictates who the winners are. Once they are identified by the end of the voting the winners return to the stage for a triumphant reprise of their winning entry.

Bronya/Boyka Cynthia Fenton
Sergei Tim Nolan
Italy Rebecca Mansfield, Tyler Jones, Charles McComb
Germany Ben Miles, Casey Edwards, Donna-Maree Gavin, Tammy Woolrych, Rachael Somers
Iceland Bree Jones, Tina Jackson, Tara Spackman, Brianna Williams, Rebecca Mansfield
United Kingdom Sally Rugg, David Wallace
Estonia Tim How, Clint Strindberg, Manuao TeAotonga
Greece Tammy Woolrych, Bree Jones, Sally Rugg, Tina Jackson, Brianna Williams
Russia Clint Strindberg, Manuao TeAotonga, Charles McComb, David Wallace
Hungary Sarah Rodier, Brianna Williams, Lara Vocisano
Ireland Tyler Jones
France Casey Edwards, Tim How, Ben Miles, Sarah Rodier, Bree Jones, Tammy Woolrych
Liechtenstein Ted Simpson, Tina Jackson, Tara Spackman
Sweden Donna-Maree Gavin, Rachael Somers, Alex McLennan, Tim How